Bagpiper of the Scottish Highlands

In all the world there is no more spectacular figure than that of a Scottish Highland Bagpiper. Resplendent in colourful kilt and tunic and playing the traditional Scottish tunes, the Scottish Highland Piper is an irresistible attraction for young and old.

Now all the colour and splendour of a Scottish Highland Bagpiper can be hired for your event for a modest cost. Whatever your event you can now enjoy the attention grabbing excitement that comes with a Scottish Highland Bagpiper.

Now Available to Perform At Your Event

How can you use a Scottish Highland Bagpiper at your event? It's a great attraction for just about any event you can think of. How about having the head table led in by a piper at your next company dinner? Or how about the newly married couple getting escorted out of the Church to a lively Scottish tune? And of course there are store openings, curling bonspiels, birthdays, funerals, parties, graduations, to name but a few. The list is bounded only by your imagination.

For more information or a booking for your function:

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