Piper of the Scottish Highlands

Although I was born here in Winnipeg, Manitoba my parents are both Scottish and I do my best to try and keep my Scottish culture alive.

I started learning the pipes with the Transcona Pipe Band under the instruction of George Lawrence (Pipe Major/Instructor of Transcona Pipe Band) and George MacDonald (currently with the Shrine Pipe Band). Transcona Pipe Band is a competition band and I was proud to be a part of them as we competed throughout Canada and eventually in Scotland, all the while maintaining a high standing in these competitions. I also competed solo during this time and placed high in many of the competitions that I entered.

After the Transcona Pipe Band I joined the St. Andrew’s Society of Winnipeg Pipe Band and continued my learning with Pipe Major Robert Fraser. Once again I continued to participate in many parades throughout the area with this band, and once again travelled to Scotland to compete.

I then joined the City of Winnipeg Police Pipe Band and more recently the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans Unit 283 Pipe Band. With the Police Pipe Band I continued my learning under the instruction of then P/M Inspector Donald A. Morrison (no relation, although since his roots are from Skye there could be connections somewhere) and after Don Morrison’ s retirement from the Police Force, Pipe Major, Inspector Bruce Taylor.

I then took the knowledge I have gained from these many years of piping and became the Pipe Major of the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans Unit 283 Pipe Band where I hopefully passed on some of my experiences to others. I held this position for 5 years.

As a member of these Pipe Bands I have many public performances under my belt. I have played, as a band member, in the Annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California; the World's Fair in Spokane, Washington; the Aquatennial Parade in Minneapolis; the Queens Visit to Winnipeg; World Curling Bonspiel in Winnipeg and several Grey Cup celebrations throughout Canada to name just a few. I have also played during concerts by Rawlins Cross, The Irish Descendants, and John Allen Cameron when they have been putting on concerts in Winnipeg.